Council Bylaws

Voting By Proxy Bylaw

The Norway School Council allows executive/voting council members to vote on motions and/or initiatives by proxy. This means that a vote can be cast by one member on behalf of another who cannot attend a council meeting or election.

In this case, the absent voting member must take the following steps in writing (email or letter):

  1. Identify themselves and their council position;
  2. Clearly ascertain who have appointed to cast her/his vote; and
  3. Clearly state her/his vote.

Extended Absence Bylaw

Should an executive/voting member of council become unavailable for an extended period of time, the council can:

  1. Continue with the remaining number of elected council positions, providing quorum can be reached. In this case, the council will distribute the absent member’s roles and responsibilities amongst the remaining council members, or;
  2. Appoint a managing council member or a parent member to fill the temporarily vacant position.