Get involved with your school council: managers, reps, and team members needed

The many events and initiatives run by the Norway School Council throughout the year are powered by a team of dedicated parent/guardian volunteers. We want YOU to become a part of that team! There are still a number of roles to be filled for this school year, including managing positions for major events, broad-based coordination roles, and classroom representatives.

Managing Council Members

Managing Council Members are non-voting members who work with the Council Executive to plan, coordinate, and champion council events and initiatives, recruit volunteers, liaise with the Norway school community, and provide valuable feedback and insight into their area of expertise. The Council is looking to fill the following roles for the 2017-2018 school year:

3 Event Managers for Breakfast With Santa, the Parent Knowledge Conference, and the end-of-year Community Fun Day
2 Eco Coordinators to coordinate school-wide green initiatives
1-2 Athletic Reps to liaise with the school’s sports programs
1 Event Communications Coordinator to help create and distribute materials to promote major school events
1 Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator to engage with the parent/guardian community and build great teams to support Council events and initiatives
1 Community Liaison to seek support from and raise awareness with external partners for Council initiatives

Email to get involved or find out more. We’re excited to work with you!

Classroom Reps

Norway classroom representatives are parent/guardian volunteers who act as a liaison between the Norway School Council and their children’s classrooms. This is an immensely important council role as reps attend all School Council meetings in order to bring any classroom-specific ideas, issues, questions and/or initiatives to the Council’s attention. Parent classroom representatives also do their best to share important council business and decisions with the other parents in their child’s class. They do not, however, get involved in any specific parent/teacher issues.

We’re looking for at least one rep per classroom but we encourage a team approach. Last year we had classes with 2-3 reps, which allowed parents to share School Council meeting attendance.

To volunteer as a rep for your classroom, email Reps are especially needed for rooms 201, 204, 205, 206, but applications are welcome for all classrooms.


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