Sign up for the Norway Lunch Club!

soup in small bowls

Thanks to dedicated members of the Norway school community, we are launching a lunch program at the school through Real Food for Real Kids.

Hot lunches will be served to registered participants every Tuesday and Thursday, beginning October 3. Meals include a meat- or vegetarian-based protein, a grain, and vegetables, with a few special treats mixed in as well. There is also a special package for children with allergies or dietary restrictions.

Service stations for the lunch program will be located in the kitchen attached to the gymnasium for Grades 1-6, and in the Kindergarten rooms for JK and SK.

Packages start at $48 per month, and menus are posted each month.


  • All students taking part in the lunch program need to bring a labelled, reusable container with a tight-fitting lid, as well as their own cutlery.
  • All orders placed before 11 pm (EST) will qualify to start in 3 business days.
  • RFRK will process a refund for missed lunches on orders placed mid-month.

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