Meeting minutes: May 30, 2017

School activity

Principal’s Report

  • Continue to revise Norway code of conduct as it meets the needs of everyone in our school community (students, parents, siblings)
  • Code of conduct is quite helpful with managing and teaching students
  • The code of conduct is a living, breathing document

Outdoor Space Improvement Campaign

  • First meeting was in March, where we provided feedback on the first draft of the schoolyard improvement master plan
  • TDSB took our feedback and reworked the plan
  • Went over the features of the revised May version of the masterplan (kindie area and the rest of the schoolyard)
  • The master plan will have a long life as the project will be completed in phases
  • Work will be done in phases
  • Once we have a finalized plan, TDSB will give us costs and we’ll determine our priorities
  • The goal is to finalize and prioritize the plan by the end of the year
  • Hoping that shovels will be in the ground the summer of 2018


Comments: Question the shed location on the plan as it interferes with the sightlines from the entrance

Teacher’s Report

  • Norway School Play Day, June 27 (rain day June 28)
  • We’ll need as many volunteers as possible to help with Play Day
  • Play Day will coincide with the end of the year assembly
  • Wright asked to sell t-shirts at the Norway Community Fun Day
  • Wright also asked that Healthy Kids be able to set up a booth/table
  • Kwok would like to create a pollinator/butterfly garden
  • She needs $350, which was approved by Council
  • Volunteer Tea will be held May 14, 3:30 to 5 p.m.
  • The City Finals Track Meet will be held on June 7
  • Tiller’s last day is Friday, June 2
  • Markowitz will replace Mrs. Tiller


  • Council will help recruit volunteers for the school’s play day
  • Kwok’s request was approved
  • Council will look into buying a new tent
  • Parents will look into getting a big card for the entire school to sign


Council activity

By-Laws Update

  • Conflict of interest, vacancy and election by-laws were all approved
  • The by-law amendment by-law will be approved the first meeting in the 2017-2018 school year



  • Currently, we have approximately $13,600 in the bank
  • We still need to pay for various commitments we made to the school


Lunch Program

  • Pizza lunch the first Thursday of each month
  • For two of these lunches, we’ll offer another option
  • Council will also offer a catered lunch two days a week from Real Food for Real Kids


Upcoming events

  • Norway Community Fun Day, June 8 – focus is on finding volunteers
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch, June 21 – after June 8, we’ll start to look for parents to contribute to this event
  • Last Day of School Picnic, June 29 – Council will permit the park and provide Freezies; we will not BBQ this year. Families are welcome to bring their own food or they can buy food from the food trucks Council has arranged to be there.
  • Legacy Project, completed by June 20
  • Grade 6 grad ceremony and party, June 23

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