Meeting minutes: March 28, 2017

Parent Attendees: Kate Zavitz, Shannon Balm, Todd Harrison, Robyn Shepherd, Joanne Mitchell, Sarah Mooney, Nancy Fonseca, Natalie Harder, Dianna Klunder, April Wilson-Lange

TDSB Attendees:  Carina Van Heyst, Nitsa Kondakos

School activity

Principal’s Report

  • Need lunch supervisors
  • A replacement was found from Mrs. Myers
  • Training grade 5 & 6 students to be recess leaders
  • TDSB staff doing inventory of our entire library
  • $380 was collected for Me-to-We at Norway’s Waterday
  • We have a TDSB math learning coach
  • Tribal Vision will be presented at Norway
  • Tribal Vision demonstrates and discusses stereotyping around first nations
  • Grade 5 and 6s are invited to Screenagers at Bowmore P.S.
  • Parent and student censuses will be distributed (grades 4 and 5)
  • van Heyst, teachers and parent representatives reviewing at the 2017-2018 staffing model below
  • All final decisions will be made by the principal


Grades Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Kindies 3 classes of 14/16 JR/SR
Grades 1 & 2 1 class of 20

Mixed class of 1s and 2s – 11/9

Mixed class of 1s and 2s – 10/10

Three mixed classes of 1s and 2s:




Grades 2 and 3 Mixed class of 2s and 3s – 10/10
Grade 3 1 class of 20
Grades 3 and 4 Mixed class of 3s and 4s – 14/9
Grades 4, 5 and 6 Mixed class of 4s and 5s – 17/10

1 class of 5s – 30

1 class of 6s – 26

Mixed class of 4s and 5s – 8/20

Mixed class of 4s and 5s –  8/20

1 class of 6s – 26

Mixed class of 4s and 5s – 17/10

Mixed class of 5s and 6s – 15/13

Mixed class of 5s and 6s – 15/13


Teacher’s Report

–        Soccer, ultimate frisbee and track are all starting soon for grades 4 & 6

  • Track and field will only be for grades 4-6
  • Musical will be performed April 26-27, Alice in Wonderland


Outdoor Space Improvement Campaign

  • The TDSB is involved due to significant accessibility, erosion and water issues
  • Parents, staff and students consulted to generate ideas
  • The staff and council committees will meet with TDSB to create a master plan
  • Once we have a master plan, we’ll see what we can do this summer/fall
  • The master plan will have a long life as the project will be completed in phases
  • Hoping that shovels will be in the ground the summer of 2018

Council activity

Lunch Program Update

  • Decided to move forward with a lunch program using Real Food for Real Kids (RFRK)
  • Carina will send out the RFRK survey to determine actual interest
  • We’ll determine our next steps at our next meeting


Website presentation

  • Purpose of site is to be a one-stop-shop
  • Most content static
  • Calendar and blog needs to be continually updated
  • Voted on site name – was selected

By-Laws Update

  • Code of ethics and conflict resolution by-laws passed
  • Updates required for the conflict of interest by-law



  • Currently have $18,605.91 in the bank
  • We still need to pay for various commitments we made to the school


Upcoming events

  • Norway Dance Party, May 12
  • Norway Community Fun Day, June 8

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