Meeting minutes: January 31, 2017


Parent Attendees: Virginia Dimoglou, Joanne Mitchell, April Wilson-Lange, Jennifer Knoll, Nancy Fonseca, Jenna Just, Tammy

TDSB Attendees:  Carina Van Heyst, Becky Thompson

Agenda Items

Principal’s Report

  • Construction project updates
    • Board staff installed curtain allowing us to divide gym in half
    • Can now have two separate gym classes in gym
    • Board will help with ongoing multi-year renewal of lunch tables
    • Replaced a few in the last few years
    • Eventually, all will be replaced
    • Updating our PA, house phone, and bells in school
    • Creating integrated system that will work for school
    • Working over next month or so to replace all systems
    • Most work is done in office or hallways, some work in classrooms
  • Kindergarten registration will start soon
    • Appointments on Feb. 9/10
  • Report writing in process
    • Teachers will contact parents only if interview is necessary
    • But if parents would like to meet teacher, let them know
  • Musical coming up on April 26/27, Alice in Wonderland
  • Book-letes for grades 5/6, kids lit quiz
  • Learn about as many different books as possible, compete in quiz competitions
  • Forest of reading
    • so much interest that Ms. Slater bought another set of books
    • If you read all ten in category you can vote and get to go to Harbourfront
  • Boys basketball and girls volleyball, hockey
  • Mrs. Wright will start skipping club and basketball skills club
  • Ski trip is coming up, will be meeting on Monday at 230 PM
    • Children who don’t want to go on ski trip can stay at school
    • Snowboarders need to know how to snowboard and have their own equipment
    • Skiing kids will have lessons and be tested before they can progress to the next hill
  • Selected to participate in recess revival
  • Playground leadership development opportunity for kids, led by public health, will start with grades 5s and 6s and add grade 4s later in years
  • Grade 6 grad
    • sent note out to grade 6s and 5s parents
    • Grade 5 parents plan decorations, food, in gym after ceremony
    • Grade 6 parents plan after party
    • Grad at 130 PM Jun 23
  • Skating trip, looking into it, to Ted Reeve, for grade 3 and up, starting planning
  • Kindergarten welcome on May 28, 4-5 PM, brief intro to school
  • Expanded before and after school to grade 6
    • Formal letter that board created but will send out soon

Action Items

  1. Update school sign for Kindergarten registration – Call for appointment phone number
  2. Banner needs to be replaced and we have a new one
  3. Need volunteers to support registration
  4. Carina will talk to Kim about appointment times
  5. Need to add call for volunteers to next newsletter

Teacher’s Report

  • Pink shirt day, kids will design paper t-shirt, class will organize
  • Feb 22 is pink shirt day
  • A few different pink shirt day options, another one in April, but chose this so it wouldn’t be lost in shuffle of other school activities
  • Buddy bench, staff are talking about finding ways to get kids more involved, bench is ordered

Outdoor Space Improvement Campaign

  • Started initiative to improve outdoor space at Norway
  • Tying in with initiative with TDSB
  • Sam is lead
  • TDSB wanted plan pulled together by before the holidays 2016
  • But moving forward so quickly wouldn’t allow for any consultation/engagement
  • Major construction planned for summer 2018
  • Taking from Jan – Mar to focus on consultation
  • Ordering satellite prints for classes to work on site plan
  • Focusing on users, seasons
  • Collecting ideas and clustering into themes
  • Identifying stakeholders: parents, students, neighbours, y, teachers, etc.
  • Considerations for accessibility
  • After March break board will engage landscape architect
  • Takes ideas and comes back with masterplan
  • A few iterations
  • Then finalize master plan
  • Then prioritize, board puts out tender
  • Have to be careful about work plan because volunteers can only do specific work
  • Parent group have had brainstorming sessions
  • Generated lots of great ideas, including low hanging fruit that either council can do or won’t need to be organized through board
  • Will meet in next two weeks and match with school/student needs
  • Grade 6s have been engaged and observed that they have insights that are very different from those of teachers/adults
  • School council fundraising $1500, looking for grants

Action Items

  1. Carina will send link to eco-schools website with photo gallery
  2. Will organize presentation with landscape architect before plan is finalized

Lunch Program Update

  • Last year Jaime Alexanderson brought to council
  • This fall more people were interested
  • Put committee together
  • Identified top three
  • RFRK is rated first
  • Council and Carina will work together
  • Council used to put money into “principal’s discretionary fund” focus of fund is to provide support to students who need financial support
  • Fund has built up and needs to be used up so once that’s gone maybe we should look at restarted putting funds in principal fund
  • Dan visited a number of schools that use top three providers
  • 2 days per week, all students, parents can opt into trial
  • We would like to move ahead with trial but we have a few clarifying questions

Action Items

  1. Send piece out to parents for trial
  2. Need to clarify if kinders are allowed to participate in trial
  3. Will communicate in newsletter
  4. Carina will speak with teachers about students who might need financial support



  • Planning to generate approximately $21,000
  • Expecting to spend approximately $2,000
  • At the beginning of the school year we need $10,000 in the bank account for various programs.
  • in bank $25,687.12

Parent Knowledge Conference

  • Feb 24 & 25
  • Weekend where we’ll put sessions for parents
  • Five speakers
  • Friday is keynote speaker: Karen Skinulus, coauthored books
  • Friday 630-730, Q&A afterwards
    • Raising resilient children
  • Saturday, four presenters
    • Kwok will talk about helping children with homework
    • Kondakos will do session on understanding today’s math
    • Dan Lock will do session on active bodies and active minds
    • Creating healthy school and home environments, Sean Healy
      • Sean has masters in social work
      • Daytime social worker on call at Michael Gerrin hospital
      • Will talk about anxiety and how to build positive school and home environments
      • How to calm child down when they’re having anxious moment or anxiety attack
    • $5/day or $10/both
    • Reaching out to community and reaching out to local news
    • For community parents it’ll be $10/day or $20 for both

By-Laws Update

  • Motion to update by-laws
  • Extended absence by-law
    • Passed
  • Voting by proxy by-law
    • Passed