Meeting minutes: September 27, 2016

Council Elections

  • No nomination forms submitted
  • Limited self-nomination forms submitted therefore all submissions win by acclamation
  • Norway Council Executive
    • Chair April Wilson-Lange
    • Vice-Chair Samantha Ridsdale
    • Secretary Virginia Dimoglou
    • Treasurer Trevor Rotchell
    • Fundraising Coordinator/Volunteer Recruiter Dan Lock
  • Norway Council Managing Roles
    • Athletic Reps Dan Lock, Anne MacDonald, Melissa Thomson-Hicks
    • Events (Movie Nights) Kerry Bones & Kristen Bones
    • Events (Pizza Lunches) Kim Gillard & Melissa Thomson-Hicks
    • Events (Lice Checks) Kim Gillard
    • Community Liaison April Fairley
    • Communications Coordinator Robyn Shepherd
    • AV Coordinator Todd Harrison
    • Events Coordinator TBD
    • Eco Representatives TBD
  • Parent/Guardian Classroom Representatives
    • 101 Virginia Donaldson
    • 102 Katherine Zavitz, Hilary Whyte, Bryan Bowen, Shawna Bowen
    • 103 Christina Hawkins, Kerry Bones, Jennifer Radau
    • 201 Nancy Fonseca
    • 202 April Fairley
    • 203 Samantha Ridsdale, Jennifer Knoll
    • 204 Joanne Mitchell, Jennifer Steede
    • 205 TBD
    • 206 Shannon Balm, Jaime Alexanderson, Julie Owen
    • 207 Jill Steinberg, Elisa Dalla Guistina
    • 209 Kim Mercer
    • 210 Jennifer Knoll, Jennifer Steede

Action Items

  1. Recruit events coordinators for Breakfast with Santa and Fund Day
  2. Recruit 3-4 eco representatives
  3. Recruit classroom representative for room 205

Treasurer’s Report

  • Ended 2015-16 school year with $10, 458
  • Event Fundraising
    • Movie Nights raised over $2000
    • Pizza lunches raised just under $10,000
    • One-time donationFun Day fundraising results
      • $129 loss on event; however,
        • Purchased investment items that will not require repurchase
        • Combined with end of year BBQ, which normally results in approximately $2000 in expenditures
        • Combining events ultimately saved on expenditures
      • 2015-16 Spending
        • $2248 on outdoor toys
        • $1338 on chrome books
        • $327 on snack club
        • Other spending on regular programs like Artists/Scientists in the classroom

2016-17 Council Initiatives

  • Parent Knowledge Conference
    • Hoping to hold on Oct 21/22
    • Will include keynote speaker on Fri Oct 21 followed by 3-4 workshops on Sat Oct 22
    • Organizing committee includes Elisa Dalla-Giustina, Dan Lock, and Alison Dowler

Action Items

  1. Administer parent survey to gauge interest in Parent Knowledge Conference


  • Snack Club
    • Most snacks are kept in lunchroom kitchen and downstairs
    • Teachers and parent reps have sent out notes/emails in the past asking other families for donations to snack club

Action Items

  1. Recruit snack club volunteers


  • Healthy Lunch Program
    • Conducted survey during 2015-16 school year
    • Still considering introducing program but requires more investigation into caterer options and interest from families
    • Organizing committee includes Dan Lock, Jaime Alexanderson, and Rhiannon Thomas


  • Breakfast with Santa
    • Event takes place every year
    • Breakfast occurs in three seatings
    • Each seating includes a number of activities for families to participate in (photo with santa, facepainting, etc.)
    • Event will take place on Sat Nov 26
    • Require 40-50 volunteers to make event happen

Action Items

  1. Recruit organizing committee volunteers, followed by event day volunteers

Principal’s Report

  • 2016-17 Staffing
    • welcoming new staff to the Norway team
    • Ginies is teaching grade 5
    • Deiseach is teaching grade 4
    • 3 new support staff
    • Angela from YMCA is now also a lunch supervisor
  • School Communications
    • Start of year school newsletter was distributed via backpack stuffer and email
    • Newsletter will be distributed via email regularly
  • TDSB Improvement Planning
    • Director John Malloy is now permanently in place with TDSB
    • Restructuring of school improvement planning process
    • Asked to submit lengthy paper plans in the past including
      • Setting of achievement goal
      • Student achievement goal
      • Equity goal
    • Supports to schools will be restructured
    • TDSB Student Online Resources
      • Virtual library, Learnmark
      • Access and passwords will be shared with students
    • School Improvement Planning
      • Math Improvement
        • School improvement in all areas, except grade 6 EQAO results
        • Developing math plan
        • Ministry has renewed math strategy
        • Each school has been assigned a math lead teacher who will be sent for additional training and work to support colleagues
      • Reading Improvement
        • Focus on improving student achievement in reading
        • Norway has been identified as school that will receive early reading coach
        • Expecting coach to be at Norway 2 half-days/week
        • TDSB goal is for all students to be reading by grade 1
      • School Climate
        • Focused on student well-being, school climate, and anti-bullying
        • Plan to connect with safe school week and other special days/events
        • Developing colour teams
          • Similar to houses in Harry Potter, students from all grades will be placed in colour teams
          • Each team will have opportunities to work together and with teachers
          • Great leadership opportunity for older students
          • Great opportunity to build relationships between grades
          • Teams will participate in regular cycle of activities
          • This model has been introduced in other schools successfully
        • School Timetable Review
          • Opportunity to review school timetable
          • Primarily would like to examine length of lunch
            • Interested in shortening lunch slightly and examine impacts (i.e., pros/cons)
          • Intend to organize opportunities for feedback from parents/guardians
        • Safe Schools Procedures
          • 3 fire drills planned in fall and again in spring
          • Lock down drill will walk students though process
        • 2016-17 Budget
          • School operating budget is $53,992 (does not include staff salaries/benefits or major improvement costs)
          • These funds pay for supply teachers, temporary staff (e.g., to cover for staff going on professional learning opportunities), office supplies, school supplies
          • School Council can fund school initiatives identified but cannot fund core learning materials
        • Funding Request from School to Council (voted and approved by Council)
          • Grade 6 legacy project
          • Specialist in the classroom
          • Forest of reading (silverbirch) books
          • School performances
          • New collection of books by Canadian authors
          • Garden box funding for Ms. Sills
        • School Statement of Needs
          • Should be developed by council and includes details superintendent would refer to should the need arise to select a new Principal for the school
        • Kindergarten Yard Investigation
          • Fenced off section due to perpetually wet spot with unidentified source of water
          • TDSB will be doing investigation to identify source, should all be completed in single day
          • Once this issue has been identified and resolved, we will begin to look at improvement of kinder yard more broadly
        • School Fundraising
          • Bake sale will be introduced for Terry Fox run and will occur during curriculum night
        • Curriculum Night
          • Planned for Thu Sep 29 (same day as annual Terry Fox Run)
          • Classroom visits will happen between 6-7 PM, in two rounds so that parents with two children can visit both classrooms
          • Pizza will be for sale from 530-6 PM in gymnasium

Action Items

  1. School Statement of Needs should be completed by April Wilson-Lange and Trevor Rotchell (Samantha Ridsdale will assist)

Teacher’s Report

  • Extra-curricular activities
    • All activities started
      • Primary choir, junior choir, girls borden ball, slo-pitch, and cross-country
      • There will be no grade 1 choir to begin with as this year’s cohort is small; will be working with Shannon to look for other activities
    • Annual Terry Fox Run
      • Happening on Thu Sep 29
      • Each class will be outside and parents are welcome to join
      • Kindergarten students will be doing Terry Fox run in the morning

Action Items

  1. Sam will donate grade 1-2 books to school

Open Comments

  • Kindergarten playground
    • Interested in bringing together parent committee for improvement initiative
  • Large council initiative
    • In the last few years, council has invested in technology for the school
    • This year council is considering focusing on improvement of outdoor space, which includes but is not limited to the kindergarten playground
    • Certain improvements will need to be approved and conducted by the TDSB
    • A committee will be brought together and work with the school staff to develop a short-term and long-term improvement plan
    • Will need to investigate capital campaign, advocacy options, grant options
    • Buddy bench has been approved
    • Outside bulletin has been approved
    • Committee members include Brian and Shawna Bowen, Samantha Ridsdale, and April Wilson-Lange
  • Volunteer process through TDSB
    • PRC needs to be completed once, declaration that nothing has changed has to be completed each year thereafter
    • If PRC form has been completed, it goes to the school, to the TDSB, to police department, cleared and sent to parent, then we bring it back to school to be filed
    • Some volunteer forms were submitted without witness signature and will be sent back so there may be a delay
    • Principal’s discretion as to whether parents can volunteer while PRC is clearing

Action Items

  1. Legacy Project from 2015-16 needs to be put up
  2. Buddy bench needs to be installed
  3. Bulletin board needs to be installed